Sunday, April 20, 2008


Some of the notable samples and sources:

  • "White Circle" - features snippet by the delightful Kitty Wells, the first female country star. I found a passle of stuff by her and adore it :)

  • "Chrome Plated Glass of Juicy" - mash up featuring the steel string guitar hook from Melissa Etheridge's Chrome Plated Heart, plus a little of this charming lounge cover of Blondie's Heart of Glass, by Nouvelle Vague, and the late Notorious B.I.G. with Juicy, of course.

  • "New Years Day" - I was looking to find somebody to sing this for me, and had recorded my own vocals into it as a placeholder to help structure the instrumental. But then a few folks said to keep it, and so it goes. If you're game, let me know! I've included the instrumental here for folks to hear and sing along to if you want.
    I'd be happy to remix it with new vocals *nodnods*.

  • "Knocking" - Built around the acappella to a crude europop(trash) "engrish" cover of the Cranberries' Zombie, and this happy zydeco romp cover of Knocking on Heaven's Door.
  • Notes

    Woo! It's spring again. I forget how much I love the warm and sun breaking in after winter. Seasons are awesome :) Anyway, I've been busy trying to graduate, and so even though making music has been a welcome escape from scholastic pressures, I have had the time or focus to really craft a coherent album. This isn't a complete thought in the way Ashland was or most of the others. This is simply what's been done in the stolen moments. I do have an idea for a full arc of work to come, but in the mean time this scattershot is what's up. I ordered them according to duration, which is my default system. It's also the way the Qu'ran is arranged, to aid the devout in memorizing verses of increasing length. And so it is a working text for the living mind in the present.

    Some short shorts, a few long format pieces, some singing, blerf! Happy days.